Friday, 27 April 2007

My Gauteng Family.
This is my daughter Lauren and her husband Matthew with my grandson Tristan. The picture was taken while we were on holiday in Cape Town on the beach outside my sister's B&B in Kommetjie.The beach is lovely and flat and you can walk for a good few miles.It was early morning and the sea was calm, other days the waves can be as high as 3-5 metres. The water this side of Cape Town is very cold as it is the Atlantic ocean while the Indian ocean flanks the other side of Cape Town which is the warmer ocean and more suitable for swimming.Cape Town has many interesting sights, one being the famous Cape Town mountain. Often when the clouds roll over the mountain, the locals refer to the mountain as being covered by a table cloth.I have spent time at Sydney waterfront, San Francisco waterfront, yet Cape Town still offers the best waterfront. Many celebrities are choosing Cape Town as a place to have a holiday home.

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