Saturday, 26 May 2007

Cape Town-Needle Felted bear Muzzle Class

Through Lou Bear, South Africa’s finest maker of mohair, a needle felted bear muzzle class was arranged, which saw 11 students participating in.

In South Africa, needle felting is proving to be very popular, and I am supplying both the Wizpick and Fosters felting needles and a good selection of wool roving/sliver. I also supply glass eyes, joints and with Lou Bear having the mohair we were a good team.

The class was covered over a day and a half, and the students had the option of making the bear before the class so that we could concentrate on needle felting. For homework that evening, if they wanted to take home a finished bear, the rest of the bear had to be completed.

Needle felting is known as a very unforgiving craft as should the area you be working be too small you can simply add on, likewise if it is too big you can cut off. It also allows for your own creativity and once you have the basic building blocks, you can then design as you felt.

Felting needles are very sharp, and most felters will prick a finger in the process, as they will break a needle, the more experienced you become the less chance you have of this happening.

Eleven new felted muzzle bears all went home at the end of the class with happy "felters"

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Laura Lynn said...

Lynette it looked like a wonderful class!! Do you have any closer photos of the finished bears? What fun!!!

Laura Lynn