Sunday, 24 June 2007


This is Horace my new bear who has a needle felted muzzle and paw pads. After completing a needle felting course, I had numerous inquiries in teaching this new exciting technique.

To teach, I also then needed supplies and this sent me on a search of suppliers. From new Zealand I import and am the distributor for the "wizpick colour coded needles" and a sub agent for the Foster felting needles.

Sliver/roving I imported from New Zealand, and besides your natural fleece, I keep a range of coloured fleece.

This is an exciting new craft, although wet felting has been around for many years. It is not only for teddy bears, but you can felt jewelery and I am felting designs onto baby woolen blankets.
Try taking a pair of denims and on the back pocket felt a design to add a new look.

Supplies can be ordered via my website and from 1st September I will be opening a shop.
Credit card payments are available.

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