Monday, 17 March 2008

Hobby X Show Johannesburg South Africa March 2008

Once again this year the shop was on the move. Packing up and setting up is always tiring as is being at a show for 4 days.
However, it is also a fun time and many new contacts are made this way. I was kept busy as I was the "cook" then the "bear maker"
We were sharing the stand with DALDEN and were introducing their new induction cookers to the South African market.

All 4 days were busy days and awe are still recovering. The next "pack up and go" is when I go to Bloemfontein next month to teach and judge, then it will be back to Cape town for the bear show.
In between all this I am still trying to keep up with bear orders and play with new designs.

Some pictures taken while we were at HobbyX

I had many doll making ladies fall in love with the antique christening robes I have collected and the ones that Ellaine has added embroidery too. I am also stocking "antique' lace which comes from Nottinghamshire/UK . This was a lace I used to purchase many years ago. The original owner sold the factory to the new owners that I am now buying from.

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