Monday, 17 March 2008

Needle Felting classes and more needle felting

Classes are still on going at my new shop and it looks like we are all enjoying them , students and teachers.

I brought back from the UK a wide range of other fibres to experiment with. Some are baby camel hair, milk protein tops, goat hair tops,flax seed fibre, soya bean fibre. I was amazed at what types were available and how some felt up.

While in the midlands I also collected rovings from the Alpaca farm. My grandson had great fun seeing the alpaca's and I was taken on the tour of the factory where I was shown the progress of the alpaca, when it is shaved from the animal till its final stage.

Students showing off their work in the shop


chuckles said...

I bought a handcrafted teddy bear in 2000 at the Sun. market near The Grace Hotel in Rosemont. It was only the 3rd bear she had made. She created a website with a directory of all the owners. I have misplaced all the info. Does the above ring a bell for you as to whom I am searching? any help or clue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Lynette said...

Can you tell let me have more details on where the show was, I assume it is in South Africa. Also describe the bear you purchased.
Are you also looking for bear makers in South Africa ?