Thursday, 24 July 2008


With my partner in Taiwan we got together to create an International on-line teddy bear show. Artists that had been invited to join in a similar competition which was then canceled were invited to submit their entries to our challenge.
We managed to get artists from around the world and the bears are all on the website open to public voting.
It is interesting to see where and how the votes are being made from.

YZ and myself have done this and will be looking at other on-line avenues to help promote the teddy bear market. We already have an International Show in November 2008 ,where I am one of the judges.
My bear "Nelson" representing South Africa is the teddy bear bringing the Olympic flame to the games, and Judo Bear from Japan is making sure that all behave.

Both YZ and myself had 10 days to get this show prepared, we did make a few mistakes, one being the language barrier as some artists could not read English. We can only learn from this and improve.

We were also approached by the Singapore Airline on board flight magazine to see if they could mention the competition in their magazine. Here again, the focus is back on teddy bears.

Not only are artists benefiting from this challenge but so is the MOON BEAR in China. Jill Robinson established this and they do magnificent work in saving these big burly creatures who are farmed for their bile. All entry fees /donations will be going to this fund, as without the bears in the wild, what we today know as a teddy bear would not exist.

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