Thursday, 24 July 2008


Cheryl Moss from Mossie Bears invited me to do a workshop on a needle felted bunny. What a good day we all had.

Besides the fun in the class it was also good to eventually visit Cheryl in South Africa as most times we meet when we are both on our teddy bear travels around the world.

Cheryl and Marilyn live on a small holding and have not one but 14 dogs, mostly rescued. If you think this is a lot, then they also have 40 cats again rescued, a sheep,rabbits,meerkats,birds just to name a few. The areas that all these animals live in are spacious, with the animals all being well kept. Well done Cheryl and Marilyn to opening your hearts to these animals needing care !!!

It was a long day with students going home with a 99% finished bunny. I look forward to doing another class with them.

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